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Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Romance, LGBT

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Annette is an award winning author published by Affinity Rainbow Publications who lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her wife and their five furry kids. With twenty published novels, multiple Lesfic Bard Awards and one Goldie Award for her fourth novel, Locked Inside, she finally feels like a real author. Annette is as much a reader as a writer and always looking for the next lesfic novel to cue up. She came up with the One Fan at a Time tagline because it rolled off the tongue much better than One Reader at a Time. After pondering who she was at her core, it was all about connecting to each reader on a personal level. She would be the first to admit she doesn't do well with the masses. If someone picks up her book and it touches them she believes she has achieved what she wants with her writing by reaching each reader. It is who she is at her core. Drop her a line she loves to hear from readers: You can also catch her latest blogs at:


Unconventional Lovers Coming out January 24, 2018

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